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Key Pottery

Key Pottery pots are all made with materials sourced within Alberta.

The main clay body comes from the Plainsman Clays company, located in Medicine Hat.


The glazes (what gives each pot their unique colour and shine) are all dug up from natural local sources; ranging from his family farm near Gull Lake, to construction sites throughout Calgary.Calgary has many rich clay deposits, as it used to be part of an inland sea.


These natural clays are used with all the impurities left in, rocks, roots, and all, and fired in a gas kiln to 1300 C. This is what creates the effects like speckling and variations in colour across the pots.All pots are Food, Dishwasher, and Microwave safe. Feel free to pick up and handle the work.Chase creates this work in his space at Workshop Studios, and can be found teaching workshops at Mud Urban Potters.


Follow him on Instagram @keypottery for market news and more.

Fel's Print Work


Fel’s print work is all about understanding the physicality of reality, of materials, of ourselves, the land, and all that we share with it.

Each lino cut of a plant, insect, or creature is of a species native to Alberta.
Learning about nuanced identifiers, ecological roles, culinary uses, fun facts etc. all bring so much more to what are often seen as simple weeds.

Seeing them in the wild, along cracked cement or in marshy riverbeds is that much more exciting, and emphasizes the need to learn about and protect our native species and the roles they play in our environment.

Fel’s work prioritizes low environmental impact through actions such as recycling paper off-cuts into new sheets, diverting industry waste, using compostable linoleum, harvesting invasive plants to make paper, eco-shipping options etc.


Follow them on Instagram @felidaefatigue and check out their Etsy of the same name!


Kelsey is the proud owner of She started sewing in April of 2020 and it quickly became her new favorite hobby. She love's  hunting through fabric stores and thrift stores to find the cutest material to sew into tiny threaded things.

From her groovy totes & tiny bags, to scrunchies, lanyards and even baby bibs Kelsey has a little something for everyone.

Check out all her lovely threaded things on Instagram!

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