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The Mad Hatter


We do things a little differently at The Mad Hatter.

Our name is not an accident. 

We aren't just a coffee shop, we are a coffee community and we lean pretty hard into that around here. 

Our customers are (in our personal opinion) some of the best humans out there and we're pretty fond of them. 

From our complimentary art supplies, to our constantly growing community mural it's our main focus to make sure that everyone who walks through our doors feels seen, welcomed and inspired to leave their mark knowing they will never be judged. 

We don't just tolerate diversity here, we don't just accept it, we actively seek it out. 

The Mad Hatter isn't just a place for you to go, it's a place to make your own. 

As a queer run space we are always striving to create a safe harbour for every single person in the community, no matter how you identify. No amount of discrimination will be condoned within these walls, because every new face, every new piece of art, every group meet or event makes this space better.

Every time you come to visit, you make this space better. 

Without you there would be no community.

So, come on in friends and neighbours.

You are always welcome here.

We aren't just about the art though, we are also very conscious of the impact we are having on the world and work hard to reduce our footprint wherever possible.

Our compostable cups, straws, cutlery and packaging are a part of this mission, as well as our partnership with Paradise Mountain Coffee who are known as the 'most sustainable coffee in the world'.

Not to mention they are local and delicious!

Speaking of delicious our menu is made and prepared almost completely on site which not only helps reduce food waste, but helps us to maintain quality and provide you with the best possible product. 

We are always experimenting with new recipes using simple, healthy ingredients while looking to partner with other local creators who align with our values. One such partner being Farmacy Foods YYC who makes tasty vegan and gluten friendly treats you can really feel good about.

It's not just with our food and beverages that we look for those traits in a partnership, but with our Cheshire Market and pop-up space we are always looking to showcase local content. There are so many talented folks out there and being able to offer a space for new and exciting pieces is a great joy and privilege.

If any of this speaks to you, don't hesitate to stop into our little Inglewood wonderland.

Pull up a mug and stay awhile. 


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